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Our Solutions

At One, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve and offering the latest in Payment Solutions. We also understand that our merchants process their payments in many different ways and need many different avenues for accepting these payments. Here are some examples:

Countertop Terminals: We support any existing and compliant countertop terminals. We can also lease or sell our merchants many different cost effective terminals that are capable of processing all forms of payment as well as EMV, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, coupons and loyalty cards, gift cards, EBT and even checks. We also carry wireless terminals for our merchants who like to process “offsite” or without having to be connected and stationary. Ask us how we can help your restaurant drive more business with a wireless terminal!

POS Payment Systems: The Point of Sale (POS) Payment Systems can do a wide range of things in today’s technological world including accepting EMV, Google Wallet, and Apple Pay as well as coupons and loyalty cards. They can also manage inventory, stock, invoicing and many other “back office” activities.

Mobile Payments: In many industries, merchants can increase their sales and income by simply turning their mobile devices into roaming cash registers. Or, merchants can accommodate their patrons who would like to use their own mobile devices for secure payments. This also helps protect against identity theft.

Portables: Portable payment solutions (wireless) allow merchants to accept payments anytime, anywhere. Portables are designed to withstand even a busy restaurant with outdoor seating where drops and spills are commonplace. They also accept any electronic form of payment including NFC, mobile wallets, EMV and magstripe.

MobilePay: MobilePay exceeds industry standard encryption and security Reqs. Our expertise in classified mobile communications security technology is behind MobilePay's mobile payment processing technology. MobilePay connects any cell phone or smartphone to merchant acquirers and payment processors across any wireless network. MobilePay offers merchant acquirers and retailers end to end payment processing. Connectivity from the field, 24/7 customer services and back office reporting functions streamline mobile payment processing. Mobile phones loaded with MobilePay can be equipped with card readers and printers to provide retail customers the most professional level of service.

Gateways: By utilizing a gateway, merchants can avoid storing any credit card information and reduce their PCI compliance scope. They can also consolidate all types of payment processing while also being able to produce and view all types of reporting and analytics. They are very easy to use, fit all types of businesses from large to small and allow for remote access to manage and monitor.